Application Process


*Note: Our waiting list is closed. We are not accepting applications. For applicants who apply for Membership after August 22, 2017, the No Smoking By-Law will apply.

Applicants can download form and print, but cannot email as attachments are required with an application fee.

The golden rule of co-operatives means each member should be free to do what they want as long as it does not hurt or interfere with other members of the co-operative itself. Members look out for each other, their children and the property in general. We try to build a harmonious community. That is what makes Aurora Village Co-op so strong.

How to become a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Co-op, you must attend an information session and submit a complete application form. This information will be reviewed by our Staff and passed on to the Membership Committee. Membership will then contact you for an interview. After your interview takes place, interviewers will make a recommendation to the Membership Committee. The committee reviews and considers the recommendation and votes on submitting your application to the Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, you will be notified by the Membership Committee and added to the external waiting lists.


One of the reasons our units are so affordable is that some of the work required to maintain the co-op is done by members. There is a three month “settling in” period after your move in date during which your participation is not mandatory, but after that all members over the age of 18 are required to participate in some aspect of the co-op’s operation, and many choose committee work to fulfill their participation obligations. If your daily schedule makes it difficult for you to attend regularly scheduled committee meetings, contact the co-op office to inquire into other opportunities. Check out the list of committees to see what interests you. We like to create an atmosphere where members enjoy being part of our community.



  • Underground $30.00 a month
  • Above ground $20.00 a month
Our Organization

The Co-op is democratically run by members who make major decisions affecting the community at quarterly General Meetings. An elected Board of Directors provides overall management, while operations are carried out by staff under a General Manager.

We are part of a democratic community at the Aurora Village Co-op; we collectively make the decisions and steer the course of the co-op. Because we are responsible members, we have a say in things. It is a rich community, where skills, creativity, and friendship can blossom. As each of us gives of our talents and skills, we will grow with it.




1 Bdrm Apt

$1,136 - $1,157 Mth

2 Bdrm Apt

$1,283 - $1,292 Mth

3 Bdrm Apt

$1,452 Mth

2 Bdrm Garden Home

$1,425 - $1,466 Mth

3 Bdrm Garden Home

$1,575 - $1,608 Mth

3 Bdrm Townhouse

$1,519 + Utilities Mth

4 Bdrm Townhouse

$1,642 + Utilities Mth